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Good thing
Thieves Mouthwash is edible...
Cinnamon and Clove Improve Insulin Function, Lower Cholesterol, Reduce Inflammation


Thieves Mouthwash - The best mouthwash does more than freshen breath!


Revolutionary Technology Makes Thieves Mouthwash Unsurpassed as an Oral Rinse.

Thieves Mouthwash is formulated with a revolutionary patented liposome technology (using soy-derived lecithin) that binds the essential oils to the mucus membrane inside the mouth. This enables the essential oils to remain in the mouth for extended periods of time for long-lasting germ-killing and breath-freshening protection.
     Because liposomes have a tremendous amount of surface area with which to transfer the essential oils to the mucus membrane, they can magnify the effect of the oils.
     Liposome encapsulation of the essential oils also protects them from reacting with water and breaking down (a process known as hydrolysis or oxidation.) This enables Thieves Mouthwash to use water as a carrier instead of alcohol.

Thieves Mouthwash

Size: 8 fl oz

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  • Water
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Water
  • Melissa Officinalis Leaf Water
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil†
  • Lecithin
  • Quillaja saponaria extract
  • Stevioside
  • Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove) Flower Bud Oil†
  • Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Leaf Oil†
  • Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil†
  • Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon) Bark Oil†
  • Vetiveria Zizanoides (Vetiver) Root Oil†
  • Eucalyptus Radiata Leaf Oil†
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil†
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

† 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil

"I use a small, glass spray bottle (2 oz.) and fill it with Thieves® Fresh Essence Plus Mouth Wash. I carry it in my purse instead of buying breath spray. It is especially helpful when I feel like I'm getting a sore throat or a cold. "
- Lori Reynolds in Young Living e-News July 20, 2011

"When I use up a bottle of Thieves® Spray I wash it out and then fill it with Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash. It just takes a squirt or two from this easy-to-carry bottle any time you need to freshen your breath throughout the day."
- David Hunt in Young Living e-News Mar 30, 2009

Popular mouthwashes are TOXIC
In fact there are dire warnings againt drinking mouthwash. A look at the toxic ingredients explains why. On the other hand Thieves Mouthwash is so completely safe, many users swish and swallow for additional health benefits!

Are toxins necessary for healthy teeth and gums?
Thieves Mouthwash contains the exclusive Thieves formula of therapeutic-grade essential oils that naturally contain compounds shown to create an uncomfortable environment for the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Good oral hygiene key to good health
The benefits of good oral hygiene are demonstrated by numerous reseach papers on periodontal disease that show the correlation of tooth and gum disease to overall health.

Do these studies indicate the using Thieves Mouthwash may be more effective then flossing or the chlorhexidine mouthwashes used in medical settings?

Recent research by Listerine's parent company came to a surprising conclusion: essential oil enhanced mouthwash was "at least as good" and dental floss for the treating gingivitis disease.

An essential oil mouthrinse was shown to inhibit plaque recolonisation and to reduce oral bacterial counts as effectively as Listerine or chlorhexidine mouthwashes.

Essential oil mouthrinse produced respective reductions of 69.9% and 75.4% in total recoverable streptococci and in S. mutans in plaque, and corresponding reductions of 50.8% and 39.2% in saliva.

A 6-month controlled clinical study demonstrated that the essential oil mouthrinse and the chlorhexidine mouthrinse had comparable antiplaque and antigingivitis activity.

Considering that the chemical chlorhexidine comes with the unpleasant side effects of staining teeth and altering taste perception for up to several hours after rinsing, why not choose a natural mouthwash (safe enough to swallow) super-powered with Thieves?

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Consult your health care professional about any serious disease or injury. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances such as essential oils for serious health conditions that require professional attention.

Thieves is a registered trademark of Young Living Essential Oils
for its proprietary essential oil blend, and is used by permission.
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